Drew on our Public Beach

Drew on Our Public Beach ...

I am Drew Martin, candidate for Lake Worth Beach City Commission. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.
On our Public Beach…

Drew began his journey as an environmental advocate in 1970 when he planted trees at the first Earth Day near his high school and went on to intern at the Sierra Club Headquarters his Senior Year. Drew’s degrees are in history, business and computer science.

He sees the connection between a strong economy and a healthy environment.

Arriving at Lake Worth Beach while working as a software engineer, Drew was attracted to the cottage ambiance of the downtown and the welcoming feel of the beach casino deciding to make this his new home. He became active in the community.  He worked to protect the beach as a Public Beach open to all residents and visitors. The Lake Worth Beach Casino Complex and our beautiful Beach are the city’s greatest asset and the beacon that attracts visitors to our city. Preserving the beach as a public beach remains his goal. This promotes and strengthens the focus of the city and its economy. It’s why we have a new name: Lake Worth BEACH!

Lake Worth Beach Casino Complex

Our City Charter protects our beach as a public beach and Drew believes that aspect of the Charter should not be changed.

As a city commissioner…
Drew wants to restore the public pool at the beach to improve the revenue from the casino and bring more family visitors to the beach complex. The city derives revenue from commercial rent and from parking fees at the beach. The city should retain full public ownership to retain maximum revenue.
Drew wants Lake Worth Beach to have a balanced budget that funds the city’s expenses and the upcoming pension costs. Lake Worth Beach can improve its financial management and thrive.

Thanks for your vote. I look forward to your input and hope I can represent us all.
Drew Martin

You can vote for Drew by mail or March 9, 2021 at your poll.

Visit: www.DrewAMartinLakeWorth.com


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