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Drew on Business & Finance
I am Drew Martin, candidate for Lake Worth Beach City Commission. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.
Drew Martin studied international business and computer technology. He was tasked with improving customer service and customer satisfaction at his first job. What did he do?

 First, Drew formed and chaired a committee that established a companywide customer service policy.

The second step was to increase the use of technology.

Third, Drew introduced his energy conservation plan to provide the cost savings that funded the implementation of the new technologies.

As a city commissioner…
Drew wants to restore the public pool at the beach to improve the revenue from the casino and bring more family visitors to the beach complex. The city derives revenue from commercial rent and from parking fees at the beach. The city should retain full public ownership to retain maximum revenue.
Drew wants Lake Worth Beach to have a balanced budget that funds the city’s expenses and the upcoming pension costs. Lake Worth Beach can improve its financial management and thrive.

Thanks for your vote. I look forward to your input and hope I can represent us all.
Drew Martin

You can vote for Drew by mail or March 9, 2021 at your poll.

Visit: www.DrewAMartinLakeWorth.com


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